Family...being without a safe, warm place to sleep, eat, and care for children; living without the security of familiar people and belongings.

...the loss of your home, the most basic element of stability for families., as parents, to endure the heartache of being unable to provide a secure environment for your children.

...children, who now make up 25 percent of our nation’s homeless population, are deprived of a fundamental requirement for healthy development -- a safe, permanent home.

Homelessness is REAL ...and growing!

Family Promise is an interfaith program that provides a community response to homeless families with children.

Family Promise provides shelter, meals, and comprehensive support services to children and their families who are without homes.

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What is Family Promise?

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Project Coordinator Kate Triplett and Pastor Ron Greene were featured on KRTV News Saturday, February 15th with an interview held at the site of our future day center, Central Christian Church. You can read the story and view the video at: